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Astro Malaysia Offering Free Ultra Box For First 300 Customer Who're Eligible

Lately astro malaysia has been working very hard to overcome satellite problems mainly from their measat 3 satellite,it's came to understandings that astro malaysia's satellite measat 3 having some sort of glitch for the past two weeks  Yesterday there were big announcement from astro malaysia that from today onwards until two more weeks astro will give free all channels for all customers,yes everyone can now watch all selected channels from astro for another two weeks without any additional charges This free channels given as a compensation for he glitch happened to measat 3 satellite were some of the users living in high rise building cannot get the satellite signal from measat 3 and this is not some thing that users can tolerate,so astro giving this free channels to everyone Meanwhile astro has advised to it's customers as for those who couldn't get the satellite signals can use astro go for a while until this issue is solved Also in another news,astro mentioned that

Top 5 Free Legal Unlimited Vpn For Android Smartphones Tablet Android Tv Android Tv Box All From Google Play Store

Top 5 free legal unlimited vpn for android smartphones,tablet,android tv,android tv box all from google play store Many people may already know what vpn is, right? If you do not know, VPN is short term for Virtual Private Network, which is a server outside our network to ensure security when we surf the internet For example, if we want to hide our ip from hackers, we need a vpn so that the real ip is replaced with a foreign ip or the ip of our country of choice, this is for the security of our network. Also sometimes when you want to visit a specific website or portal geo location, you need to use vpn for access. "Video review for top 5 free legal unlimited vpn for android smartphones,tablets,android tvs and android tv streaming boxes all from google play store" Now with technology evolving more and more vpn software's or apps are on the market either free or paid Here I include top 5 unlimited free vpn for androids , so you can use it for free anytime but if you want to

How Reset And Hard Reset Android Streaming Iptv Tv Box For Better Speed And Performance

Did you own a android streaming tv box? Your android tv box becoming much slower than used to be when first time bought? This is because Android streaming iptv tv boxes will eventually became slow and slower over time of use. This is because android streaming live tv boxes will save a lot of cache or temp files over time from apps your're installed and used,this will make the android streaming iptv tv box crashes or lagging each time you use for watching iptv,live tv,movies,tv shows or online content and this will be very frustrating and annoying irk situation. In some events,the android streaming iptv boxes will crash completely without any response.You can try your remote or switch on and off the android tv streaming box,again and again without any responses and lastly you will throw a way the device or buy new one right or you will take the box to service center for service or try repairing. Actually android streaming iptv tv boxes is not broken but the system inside is crashed

How Activate Roku Streaming Tv Box For Free - Don't Pay Scammers For Roku Tv Box Activation

Have to pay for activation of Roku tv streaming box accounts? If yes,then you've been coned by scammers! Yes Roku tv streaming account activation is free but if anyone asked to pay and install bunch of unnecessary apk or software,they're illegal master minds wanted to con you! Yesterday i just check the Amazon searching for good  Roku tv streaming box and came across Roku express box,it's small,cute and the price is below $30,then i thought it's worth to promote on this website,later i go and checked the testimonials,because i always do some research and the best way is to know what other buyers of the devices says Few buyers claiming the Roku tv streaming box is quite good even though the HDMI cable was a bit short and need to place the box attached at back of the led/plasma television so the range of the cable is enough to fit the box and tv hdmi port. While reading one by one buyers testimonials on using Roku tv box,one buyer has mentioned she returned the box fo

Awesome Top Legal Free World International Live Tv Streaming Channels Web Sites

Are you searching the net for reliable Awesome legal free live tv movies tv shows streaming channels web site? Then you came to the right place!  Here i will list out most valuable legal free movies,tv shows,live tv streaming channels available now and future because will continue update from time to time if i found any legal live tv,movie,tv shows streaming web sites How watch world live tv channels online for free? There're thousands of free world live tv channels online web sites out the on the internet but just bunch of handful live tv websites are legal and the rest are illegal live tv streaming web sites It's quite difficult to see the differences between legal and illegal free online world live tv streaming channels websites,so here i list out top most valuable quality legal online free world live tv channels streaming web sites completely free. All these online international free live tv streaming channels web site's already in these industry for quite some time s