Astro Full Live Tv Channels List Of Malaysia's Best Satellite Live Tv And Vod Service Provider Astro Malaysia Bhd

Full Live Tv Channels List Of Malaysia's Best Satellite Live Tv And Video on demand Service Provider Astro Malaysia Bhd,more than 250 channels available up to date.

More than 6 million Malaysians using satellite TV service from Astro Malaysia where astro malaysia is part of every Malaysian family but how many know about channels provided by astro malaysia?

Every family subscribes to astro malaysia according to their budget, some subscribe to sports packages, some subscribe to learning packages and various packages but many do not know the full channel of astro malaysia.

Ok let's take a look at the full list from Astro Malaysia, this list covers the entire channels offered.

astro malaysia live satellite tv full channels list

The price of the full package of all channels if subscribed is more than RM280 but we usually subscribe by understanding our language right, let's say if malay customer only will subscribe to packages that have a lot of malay channels, if Indian, he subscribed to a package that is much the channel list Tamil and if chinese, will subscribe to packages with many Chinese channels.

If Astro Malaysia has a package where we can choose which channels to watch, it will be so welcomed by all level of people because there are many channels but not all that we are interested in, even if the channel does not need to, we are forced to pay too,so if astro malaysia can come up with a simple yet cheaper plans than more and more people can subscribe to Astro Malaysia

I little suggestion to astro malaysia is,what is astro open up the subscription based on channels rather than forced people to buy ready made packages,what i mean is,if astro can let customer to choose single chanel to choose,let saya if some one want to watch HBO or Cinemax or Fox Sports they can actually pay for that particular channels only,would this be so wonderful?

best satellite internet live tv in Malaysia

I guess astro's subscription and revenue definitely will sour up,the profit will fly high and the customer will be so happy because they can choose what they actually wanna pay!

Hopefully Astro Malaysia can give customers the option to choose each channel they want to watch one day,just hopping!

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