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Smart tv or android tv,which option is the best? | Performance Or Budget Of Smart Tv Android Tv?

Smart tv or android tv,which option is the best when comes to performance and Budget in 2020?

Many people already know about smart tv and android tv but which one is more efficient by affordability, performance and user friendly?

If you go to a tv shop now,you will see so many tv's from different brands and operating systems so which one to choose,what are the criteria to choose a good quality tv?

Will You choose a tv based on operating system or it's overall performance or budget?

smart tv or android tv,which option is the best?

You can choose ordinary Led or plasma tv i mean its not run on any operating system, there are not much difference and it is considered an outdated type of tv's.

Nowadays there are more advanced players such as smart tv's and android tv's.Always the price of these two tvs is very expensive, only rich can buy but now due to strong competition between brands, prices are affordable for everyone.

Yes,it's 2020 and now you can buy a smart tv or android based tv for just below USD250 for 40inch,it that amazing,this is called price war between brands and also country,when China announce price drop,US will follow then Canada will follow then France will follow,all this is very good for the consumers but is cheaper means quality is compromised?

is cheap means android tv and smart tv quality not good?

 Actual quality of most top brands still maintained even thought price is cheaper,but the question is which type of tv most suits?

Let see Smart Tv first,as it's name smart tv is smart but how smart are you to use one....hmmmm,good question,as it's name smart tv is run on manufacturers os or operating system,that means if you but a samsung smart tv,you only can use apps which is install or apps that you can download from samsung market only,you cannot add any other apps or apk and smart tv's is much more expensive than it's rival that is android tv.

In other hand android tv is more versatile and user friendly same like a mobile phone,which os is easy to use or you familiar with,is it android or other OS,of course many will say android,so android tv is most user friendly and can download any apk from any platform same like you use mobile phone android and the best part is android tv much...much more cheaper than smart tv

You can easily buy an android 49 inch tv for less than USD300,yes it's so cheap but if you wanna high quality,good performance,friendly interface,choose well known brand in your country,because will known brand normally will have 2-3 years onsite warranty and they will provide better customer service than cheaper quality tv brands companies.

Before buying any android tv make sure you ask the seller, whats the size of ram and rom storage so the android tv won't hang or jam fast, there are also sellers trying to sell smart tv by saying android tv, to know the difference, ask the seller the tv using web Os or Android Os, if web os it's not android tv.So choose wisely!
android tv or smart tv,choose wisely

OK, hopefully members can make the best choices when it come to choose which tv to buy,either smart tv or android tv,the choice is your,choose wisely!, ok see you in the next post,BYE FOR NOW.

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