Is Blue Stack And Nox Player The Best Android Emulator Available Free|How Play Apk Games On Windows?

What's android emulator,how use android emulator for playing any app,apk on pc,laptop windows?

Ever think on how to play android apk or apps like games,live tv,movie apps on windows pc,laptop?

So what is actually an android emulator?Android emulator is a special software or application to play android apps or apk on windows pc and laptop.Because some games if played on bigger screen will be more exciting and can have more control because can use keyboard and mouse on pc,laptop.
android emulator for playing games on windows

Just imagine the different between playing a mobile game or watching movies,live tv on mobile phone and pc,laptop,which would be the best experience,of course on windows right because wider screen,battery can last longer and more speed and overall improve performance right?

That's why most of the gamer's and movie fans searching for best android emulators.

With android emulators on your pc,laptop,you can use mouse and keyboard to control the game which gives added advantage,that's the main reason why gamer's love android emulators
best android emulators for pc,laptop windows

So how many different android emulators are available on the market,is it free or need to pay?

Well most android emulators are free but some emulators have adverts because that's how the developers making money or fund their project,but don't worry these ads will not interrupt will playing games or watching movies or live tv's.The ads only will run on the main dashboard as apps advertising.

The best of all android emulators are : Blue stack and Nox ,these are the most used downloaded android emulators because very easy user friendly interface,more speed and highest performance.
bluestack android emulator

nox player android emulator

You can download Blue stack and Nox for free,install and launch the players,then you can download any apps or apk from any platform or from the player adverts recommendation and enjoy

There will be huge difference between playing game or watching live tv movies with these android emulators,my favorite is blue stack because the interface and usability is much easier but Nox also equally user friendly, you can download and try both,test it and keep which is the best suits your gaming or movie live tv needs
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****Update : can visit my newest post for step by step guide how download,install and use bluestack and nox android emulator respectively. 

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