Why Amazon Prime Video Streaming Is The Best And Most Preferred Choice For Video On Demand Services Worldwide

What is Amazon Prime Videos and how Amazon Prime Video Started?

Amazon prime video or Prime video is Amazon owned video renting and buying service started in US but later was available to world audience except Mainland China,Syria,Cuba,North Korea and Iran,else where can buy or rent prime video streaming on demand services without any issue but with little adjustments according to respective countries laws and censorship.

Amazon prime video initially started on 7 September 2006,14 years ago and today is,one of biggest contender in the video on demand streaming services.Even after 14 years,still keeps growing rapidly and available in some 200 countries worldwide.As of 29.04.2020,Amazon prime video fan page on Facebook reached 13 million,some 13,770,740 likes and 13,777,871 followers and keeps growing,just imagine how big is customer base?

At current time,Amazon prime video has thousands of movies,tv series plus it's own original content titles and some extra channels from 3rd party content providers such as HBO,Curiosity Stream,Lifetime Movie Club,AMC's Shudder,Showtime,Starz,Cinemax, Fandor, PBS Kids, Seeso, Toku and Boomerang and others,so Amazon prime video streaming also a hub for family entertainment with mix of all genre streaming.

best free trial of Amazon Prime Video

Is Amazon Prime Video Available Worldwide? 

Even though Amazon prime video streaming services is available world wide but all the video services varies by countries.Not all country able to get same content services,in US you might able to watch latest movies or series but in Singapore might not because licensing issues censorship issues and in some countries might able to watch Amazon Channels content from other content creators like HBO like in US but not in Australia or Singapore.

So how can I check all the available tittles,contents and censorship from Amazon Prime Video In My Country? 

You can actually test run their service for free for 30 days,by subscribe for trial,customers can go through all channels,movies,tv series,extra content that's available on their respective country and so the censorship,so viewers won't lose big hole in the pocket,30 days of trial is very crucial to identify whether Prime video service is suitable for you or not in your country!

What And How Many devices supports Amazon Prime Videos? 

Amazon prime videos is supported by mostly all streaming devices available in the market today because as manufacturer of streaming devices,they will adapt all latest technologies to meet the demand,they cannot afford to lose so they will update all their device according for latest app and software.Some of the most known devices supports Amazon prime video on demand streaming services are Amazon fire tv,Amazon fire stick,Kindle fire,Fire phone,Apple tv,iphone,ipad,Nvidia Shield,Roku tv,Google Chrome cast,Google Android,Microsoft Xbox,Nintendo Wii,Lg Smart tv,Samsung smart tv,Sony smart tv (as for smart tv not all is compatible but selected models only)

free trial amazon prime video the best

Is Amazon Prime Video Needs High Speed Internet ? 

Amazon prime video streaming actually supports UHD or better known as 4K and HDR,better known as Dynamic range streaming for it's original content but as for other titles support 1080p High Definition or better known as HD with 5.1 Dolby digital,Dolby digital plus with Dolby atmos coming very soon.So customers can enjoy high definition with high quality audio but members must remember one thing,that is the internet speed of local place where you intended to use.

Is Amazon Prime Video Hd streaming available in every country? 

Yes,high definition and high quality dolby digital available in all country but the actual end result depends on your local internet quality,as i said earlier,if your local internet speed is below 2 mpbs then you cannot expect to watch a smooth streaming,then if your local internet is not stable,also you cannot watch high quality and stable stream,so don't blame Amazon prime for that!,only subscribe if your local internet stream is high speed and very important must be stable then you can enjoy flawless on demand streaming.

Can i subscribe for Amazon Prime Video 30 Days free trial then cancel after the 30 Day free trial? 

Yes can,the free trial offers by amazon prime videos is that,Amazon wants customer to see for them self how is the overall service of Amazon prime video streaming performance,is it lagging or you like the content or it's software is compatible with your device and so on,so the trial is not simply given to you just like that for free but it's the testing platform.After the trial period is over you can cancel the subscription without any question asked,because Amazon only want happy customers so they can provide on demand streaming service for long terms and wants loyal happy customer base,don't like just surrender,no question will asked,if you wish to continue after free trial the subscription starts at USD5.99 only!

These are some customer feedback info

100% customer support,very impressive service according to customer,why because according Hans Anderson Olsen,his problem was solved within 1 day.Another customer Noor A fifi ,prime videos IMDb ratings on all it's streaming is much appreciated because viewers can check who's the cast crew of each title.
Amazon prime video free trial worldwide
(Image: Buzzfeed)

My humble personal opinion about Amazon Prime Video On Demand Streaming Services 

Actually Amazon prime videos is very good streaming service provider with array of thousand of movies,tv series,as for video on demand streaming,Amazon prime videos is the best choice but...but please use the free trial first so you can know exactly what Amazon prime video is offering in your country,as i said earlier,Prime video service is varies by country and geo location so make use of free trial so you knows exactly how Amazon Prime Videos Suits Your Needs Best,because everybody has different expectations and needs!

**I will receive small amount of commission for each visit by members to Amazon Prime Video through my link above,this small amount helps me keep on going.

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How Watch Youtube Videos Without Ads And How To Create Own Youtube Playlist On Pot Player?

Youtube is one of most popular video streaming sites in the world,at present it's estimated more than 2 billion users and have more than 1 billion hours views everyday worldwide.You tube is a sensation,you tube is a necessity,youtube is entertainment but the annoying thing that i hate most is when comes to ads in the you tube, right,correct me if i'm wrong!

Yup very annoying when suddenly ads interrupt while excitingly watching a video but without ads,you tube cannot make money and so the content creators as well but as viewers we really hate ads right,so is there anyway we can watch you tube videos without the ads?
how watch youtube without ads-no ads youtube

There is several ways actually,the simplest way is get an premium account,by paid membership you can watch any videos without ads but how many will pay for paid membership, right?

The second way is using Pot Player or Vlc player to remove the ads.I prefer using Pot Player because with Vlc player,cannot add long playlist and cannot create separate menu for each category.But with pot player one can create separate menu,can add long you tube playlist and can create own library of whatever video we want,seems exciting right?

So,is there any catch?The catch is you only can do all these on windows pc or laptop not on android devices,so you may ask,how to watch on tv?,you can connect laptop with HDMI to tv or can use mirror screen or casting services.(will have post soon on these topics)

But i wanna know whether this is legal or illegal? Don't worry this is legal,no body will penalize you under any law because this system is legal and legitimate because youtube is legal video portal and also pot player ,a legal video player and streamer,so this method is completely legal 

If you want to continue with pc or laptop,the first thing you must do is,check your system whether it's 32 bit or 64 bit os,you can click search on windows on your pc then type "about" and enter,then you can see all info about your pc,laptop system.

how checking windows sytem 32 bit or 64 bit

Now you know your pc,laptop system,go to Pot Player (visit this page,scrol down for download link) suitable file according to your pc,laptop system.

pot player for watching you tube without ads

Once downloaded,click the downloaded Pot Player Exe to be install in your pc,laptop system,and make sure you click "Run As Administrator" then extract the file.After extraction,click run the software program to be installed,click all necessary field and click continue and install the Pot Player.If you want any extra installation you can click back then install.You can select all box because next time no need to reconfigure

pot player installation set up-2

pot player installation set up-3

pot player installation set up-4

Now you already successfully installed latest version of pot player,now you open the software and will look like this.
pot player main windows

Then click on the icon as below to open the Pot Player Playlist menu on the right (without this menu,cannot add playlist,it's like a short cut)

Pot player how open playlist menu

Now click on the + sign at top right at playlist menu to create playlist category menu,you can create any menu title and can edit anytime,this is important step because when adding you tube video link,you can straight add to created category menu.If you want to create multi category menu,try creating menu title like - Movies ,Music Video ,Tv Series ,Live Channels ,Anime,this is my suggestion only,but it's up to you what you want to add later on.

how add multiple menu category playlist title on pot player

You can choose to move the category menu,right or left to add new menu label or to choose your added menu playlist

how add more title category menu or choose menu

Once you have finish create all the category playlist title now go to you tube web site and start choose the video you want to add to pot player,you also can choose single video or playlist with bunch of videos.Once you chose,copy that url then add to pot player (when adding url,click the menu title playlist category that you create as above then add the url,if mistakenly added to different menu,you can delete that url then re-add to actual menu label

how copy you tube video url and add to pot player

Choose where to add,which menu label category playlist you create earlier -my sample is movie list,then click "add" and click "add url"

add you tube movie url to pot player playlist menu

add you tube url to pot player easy way

A dialogue box will open,choose 2 box from total 3,when choosing and click ok,any url that is copied next time will auto add to queue no need manual add to dialogue box 
add you tube url auto copy to pot player playlist

the process is same for all youtube url

Once click "OK",wait a few second if one url added,to load at right side playlist menu,if you add playlist url with bunch of list then need to wait a bit longer to load,once loaded,choose which link want to watch and double click on it and you're basically done.

Adding big youtube movie,music video,anime or any playlist,copy paste same system to pot player,copy paste 1 time then can relax and enjoy all without ads and going to youtube video portal
big movie youtube playlist url added to pot player

big youtube music video list added to pot player playlist

The whole process is same whether you want to add 1 or more urls from you tube.I've tested and works great with pot player but i haven't tried copy paste any other urls from different video portals.

With this easy methods on how to watch youtube video without ads hopping you can enjoy all without annoying ads and i almost forgotten to tell you,once you copy paste than added any videos including age restricted video you don't have to log in to youtube every time wanna play it on pot player,you can simply double click your playlist on Pot player sit back and enjoy!

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How Watch Free Internet Tv Iptv Live Tv Movies Tv Shows Streaming Channels Legally With Free VPN

How watch iptv or internet tv streaming on demand service legally with free Vpn ?Is it possible to watch all content even from different countries?

Day by day more and more people switching the way how they watch tv,if you notice within couple of  years ago people normally will use conventional Tv and Ariel then later they stated using satellite tv and now everything has changed because of IPTV also known as Internet Protocol Television.Since internet is a necessity mostly all household have subscribed,according to a survey,in US alone more than 85% of households have internet access either fixed line internet,postpaid or prepaid internet.

watch geo blocked iptv internet tv movies with vpn

Iptv has changed the way we watch television but we need 3 main things in order to watch live tv or on demand services,because with Iptv system we cannot use ariel anymore.So we need android box or streaming media box like Apple tv,Roku Tv,Amazon fire tv,no matter how expensive or low priced iptv media box,most of the media devices can support IPTV or internet protocol television system

In US and worldwide alone there are hundreds and even thousands of companies offering Iptv services and one of the best free Iptv service provider with more than 250 live tv channels and on demand channels is Pluto tv ,this free iptv has more cool channels from movies,tv series shows,sports,cartoons for kids,entertainment show,music videos and music live,in other word,Pluto tv is the best free live tv and video on demand Iptv service provider.
best free 250 live tv channels and video on demand service provider Pluto Tv

But the thing is,Pluto tv and other similar good quality free iptvs and internet tv's available for free mostly from US, you can watch within US territory only because most of the iptv internet tv service providers has geo blocked.

What is geo block?

Geo block is used by iptv,internet tv service providers and satellite tv providers to limit streaming broadcast over the internet within certain geographic limits,means any media that is broadcast only can be watched within the area or boarders.In most cases when you try click the iptv link it will show a pop out notification about geo blocked as "Sorry Not Available In Your Area Yet"

So how to overcome this geo block issues?

With today's latest technology software and apk it's easy to by pass this geo blocked content legal way,not just iptv streaming but web sites and other content can be by pass and the tools used is called Virtual Private Network or better known as VPN to many.

How VPN works and is it legal to use?

Vpn is completely legal as it is use as virtual private network to safeguard one's online activities,in other word,you can cover your identity with VPN,it's like a firewall denying access if anyone trying spying on you,its a private virtual amour to protect ones identity.When you on VPN and change location your IP address will change to new selected location with new IP address, can change or choose the location you preferred to be,if you're living in Sweden and want to be traced in US ,just choose the US location and click on,so easy and simple,your Sweden location would be hidden and US location would be your latest log in location,the system would think that you're from US!
what is VPN aka Virtual Private Network and how it works?

So is this VPN is free or paid?

There are 2 different type of virtual private network, one is paid and another one is free.The different between two is,paid version more secure than free version.It's said that the free version has security holes where hacker or attackers can infiltrate into your network and steal your valuable personal data and has advertisement to support their servers,"that's how they make money"

In other hand paid version of VPN is more secure but some of the famous well know paid versions cannot use for watching iptv or internet tv from different location because the iptv and internet tv service providers has found ways to detect these VPN system but many of the free version VPN mostly can use to watch iptv and internet tv without any issues and the paid premium VPN i listed below can be used for watching iptv and internet tv from different countries.

I tried 3 free VPN that is  uVpn,Touch Vpn for windows and Turbo vpn for android and works superb fantastic,no any issues,only thing is there will some advertising on Turbo vpn when trying changing channels because that's how they monetize to support they servers.You can try these vpn or can google search for other VPN services.  

watch geo blocked iptv internet tv movies with vpn free and paid version

Here i have listed a few quality free VPN and Paid VPN services -
Kindly google serch for download links

Top 3 Free Vpn - Free Virtual Private Network List For Windows Chrome Plugins Extension

2.Touch VPN
3.Hola VPN

Top 3 Paid Vpn - Paid Virtual Private Network List For Windows Chrome Plugins Extension

1.Nord VPN
2.Express VPN
3.Hotspot Shield VPN

Top 3 Free VPN For Android - Free Virtual Private Network For Android

1.Turbo VPN
2.Thunder VPN
3.Free VPN 

Top 3 Paid VPN For Android - Paid Virtual Private Network For Android

1.Panda VPN
Nord VPN
3.VPN Secure Line By Avast

Most of the free and premium VPN have slightly different protection and encryption so choose which one is best suits you,if you're not tv fanatic than go for free VPN because you won't use very often but if you spend more time watching your favorite tv channels then go for premium but this VPN is for those who're unable to watch any iptv or internet tv because of location problem in other words use VPN if iptv or internet tv is geo blocked.

**All info on this page is for educational purpose only,any wrong doing is own risk!

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Netflix How They Take Over The Internet Streaming Video On Demand Service By Storm?

Netflix,Humble Beginning From DVD Rental Service To Gigantic Video On Demand Streaming Service Provider!

netflix internet tv video on demand streaming service provider

What is Netflix?

Netflix is video on demand service providers with thousands of title available such as movies,tv series,comedy,documentaries directly accessed through internet base devices such as apple tv,roku tv,android tv,smart tv,android box and other compatible devices and leader for original content producer.

You can aspect high quality contents from award winning movies,tv shows,anime for a very low monthly subscription and the best part there will be something for everyone for enjoy tv show and movies because will be refreshed weekly basis,so every week you can watch any new content.

When it started?

Netflix actually founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph 22 years ago on August 29,1997 in Scott's Valley,California.They started as very small humble DVD renting shop but after 22 years Netflix has been transformed into one of the leading video on demand and production streaming service providers today and estimated assets of USD33.975 billions as of 2019 and have total of 183 million paid members in over 190 countries...wow...just imagine that!
netflix original content producers for video on demand streaming service

History of Netflix Success :
 2007 Netflix Actually began streaming services in the United States first,this is birth place of  Netflix streams
 2010 After 3 years,The company began offer streaming service to international market started on 2010, September 22,in Canada
 2011 Then Netflix expanded its streaming service to Latin America,Belize,Guineas and the Caribbeans
 2012 After much success in the Latin America,Belize,Guineas and the Caribbeans,Netflix started its expansion to Sweden,Norway,United   Kingdom,Europe,Finland,Ireland and Denmark in 2012
 2013 Then to maintain subscription control Netflix decided to slow expansion costs so in 2013 only expanded to 1 country only that's the   Netherlands
 2014 Was good year because manage expand their service to France,Austria,Belgium,Switzerland,Luxembourg and Germany
 2015 They can't slow down their expansion, they continue their Netflix quest to Spain,Australia,Portugal,Italy,New Zealand and lastly Japan
 2016 Netflix announced that it had become available in 190 countries worldwide except North Korea,Syria,Crimea and China but the following   year, on 2017   Netflix announce that they manage to get partnership licensing through Baidu in China
 2019 More countries has been join the Netflix phenomena such as Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand
 2020 Total assets of USD39.975 billions and have total of 183 million paid members in over 190 countries

Wow,that an outstanding growth and achievement for a small DVD renting company when started,Netflix story of success has been covered by numerous magazines like fortune,Inc and Entrepreneur

Netflix also had won numerous awards but most special is at Golden globe award when became the first internet streaming video on demand service provider won at Primetime Emmy Award...what a achievement.

netflix watch from everywhere streaming video on demand service
Available world wide?

Yes Netflix is available worldwide except Mainland China,Crimea,Syria and North Korea,imagine that,this is the only 4 countries not allow Netflix to enter!,else where no problem,Netflix has active users from 190 countries worldwide

How Much It Costs?

The cost is very low as starts at USD9 - USD16,this is because if you want to watch on just 1 device than the price is just USD9 but if you want to watch on 4 different devices than the price would be USD16 but when you ran out of free trial for one month,the plan will start from USD9,but most standard plans will be USD12.99 for 2 simultaneous screens,you can choose your subscription later on.

You can choose which device to use base on your subscription,if you buy 4 simultaneous screen for USD16 then you can watch on 4 devices like mobile devices,tablet,android box,android tv so the choice is yours,if you don't need extra device,then just buy for 1 device because it's much more cheaper and worth it.

netflix watch from everywhere streaming video on demand service-2

Any free trials?

Yes there is 1 month free trials so you can test power all the functions of Netflix,check all the movies,tv show,anime's and documentaries,check yourself the quality of content and the quality of the streams and you can cancel after the free trial if you don't want to continue with subscription,no question will be asked 

Bottom line is that with Netflix changes the way people watch tv,yes,now people can watch their favorites movies,tv shows anywhere they want,all they need is mobile device and internet connection,so the tradition way of watching tv is changed completely and Netflix can get the credits as they are the pioneers in the industry.
netflix watch from everywhere streaming video on demand service-3

***I'm not affiliated in anyway with Netflix and this post is not paid post,but my own review because of Netflix's achievement,they deserve good reviews.

***As always,please like,share and subscribe,will update more internet tv news very soon and give you comment about your experience using Netflix video on deman internet tv streaming.

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Best Indian Free Iptv Live tv Movies Streaming Website - No Geo Block

Wanna watch unlimited free Indian iptv live tv movies streaming through your web browser,now you can with Mx player new update.

Mx player apk is also known as MX Mobile Media Player specially for androids devices for streaming or playing videos and supported player for most live tv streaming players and Mx player streaming movie shows live tv web if both not same but both is free and available worldwide no geo block.

Actually Mx media player is an Indian own Times Internet, the digital media division of Times Group and the original creators were J2 korean company.It's said that Times Group bought Mx player ownership for usd140 million then add more value added service and relaunched as OTT platform.At first streaming services only limited to Indian market but later expanded internationally and now can be access by millions throughout the world. 

There are two different services by Mx Player,that's Mx Player mobile apk for play mobile videos and streaming,and MX player streaming vod live tv web base.
mx player stream movie live tv vod & mx mobile video player

Mx player streaming vod live tv web base actually accessible though most browsers including Amazon fire tv and Android tv,so no matter what is your device,you can access Mx player streaming live tv movie vod through any browser but recommended is chrome for smooth playback.

It is estimated more than 500 million user globally and 350 million user in India so Mx player mobile video player and Mx player live tv movie vod streamer are have very strong user base and keep on gaining it's market share day by day.

The very key people on behind Mx player development and success is Mr.Karan Bedi the CEO and Vivek Jain,chief of product,technology and operations.They have worked hard to keep this Mx Player a freeware until today even though they have launched web base Mx player streaming movie live tv vods,but still everyone can enjoy for free but not very sure for how long it will be free.

There are some rumors about paid premium content but largely the live tv ,movie,show and all others will be free,only selected vip section might have premium access,but still not clear what will be the actual result.Hopping Mx player can manage bringing streams for free forever. 

So what is the Mx player streaming web is all about,how many categories it has and what are the language categories?

With Mx Player web stream you can expect very high because yes,this platform is professionally design as user friendly as possible,there is no registration needed,so awesome,you can just visit the web,set your preferred language,setting preferred language is important because without setting language,you will be shown all channels and programs available, then you need to browse all,so the first thing you must do when opening this web,set your preferred language.
Mx Player live tv movie vod streaming web language preference

Compare to other similar streaming live tv movie show vod web base or apk,MX player is much more better because it has most what is needed as for entertainment that is latest music,music videos,tv shows,movies,comedy,web series,original content production from Mx player itself,internet connected shows,award winning movies and shows,ultimately there are hundreds of programs available,just name what you want to watch!

Since this is Indian based streaming services so most of the movies,tv show,live tvs are in Hindi but Mx player supported English,Punjabi,Gujarati,Marathi,Bengali,Bhojpuri,Kannada,Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu and as for movies there will be movie in different language but many will be in Hindi Dubbed so for those who knows Hindi can expect more programs and less for other language.

As for live tv,there will be channels according to language category and main category as News,Music,Movies,general and religious but each category has it's won multiple channels so there will be something for everyone.

mx player stream movie live tv vod multi language platform

I've listed all the channels by categories and language preference as below:

Top Shows on MX
MX Originals: Web Shows
Most Watched Web Shows
Trending Shows on MX
Hollywood Binge
Binge Worthy Shows
Trending Movies on MX
Hand Picked Shows For You
Recommended Shows For You
Popular Movies on MX
Best Shows on MX
Binge-worthy Dramas in Hindi
Top Passionate Films
Fresh on MX
Must Watch Shows
Progressive TV Shows
Movie Genres
Hidden Gems
Shows Not To Be Missed
Intense Love Stories
International Dramas in Hindi
Internet Sensation
Spell-Binding Historicals
Entertainment Channels
Devotional Stories
Stories for Today's Youth
Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thrillers
Best of TVF
Lockdown Live
India's World Cup Quest
Live Music Channels
Handpicked Movies
Ramayana - All Episodes
What's Trending?
Trending in Web Shows
More Movies For You
Down the Memory Lane
Blockbuster Movies
Weekly Top 10
Shaktimaan - All Episodes
MX Top Picks
Most Watched Top 10
Evergreen Movies
Historical & Mythological Dramas
Premium Movies
League Se Hatke Shows
Top Romantic Films
Movie Channels
Watch It Again
Pataakedaar Hits
Bollywood Chills & Thrills
Amitabh Bachchan Golden Hits
Watch For Free
Binge-Worthy Romance
Ensemble Movies
Bollywood Unplugged
Movies Worth Watching
New Shows On MX
Bollywood for Today's Youth
TV Series To Watch Again
Top Crime-Dramas
Bollywood Ke Sitare
Bollywood's Funniest Films
Pakistani Romantic Shows
Top Action Hits
Top Rated Shows by Critics
South Dubbed Drama
Hindi Hip-Hop Songs
Movies You May Like
Celebrity Special
Movies In Demand
For Today's Superwoman
Critically-Loved Bollywood Hits
Popular Family Drama
Top Family Entertainers
Exciting Reality Shows
Movies For Casual Viewing
Latest TV Episodes
90s Nostalgia Bollywood Hits
Suron Ki Mehfil
The Khans of Bollywood
New Zealand vs India
Top Romantic Hits
English Channels
Classic Bollywood Hits
Love is in the air

All music by Language
Hindi Music
Punjabi Music
Tamil Music
Telugu Music
Bhojpuri Music
Kannada Music
Marathi Music
English Music
Malayalam Music
Bengali Music
Gujarati Music

All Movies by Language
mx player stream movie live tv vod multi language movies
Hindi Movies
Punjabi Movies
Tamil Movies
Telugu Movies
Bhojpuri Movies
Kannada Movies
Marathi Movies
English Movies
Malayalam Movies
Bengali Movies
Gujarati Movies

All Movie by Genre
Crime Movies
Action Movies
Romance Movies
Comedy Movies
Horror Movies
Animation Movies
Thriller Movies
Mystery Movies
Drama Movies
War Movies
Sport Movies
Mythological Movies
Political Movies
Documentary Movies

All live tv
mx player stream movie live tv vod multi language platform for free


All Channels Live Tv (all Language)
Sony Marathi
Sony Aath
Sony Wah
Sony Max 2
Music India
9X Jalwa
ABP News
India TV
India News
Gulistan News
India News UP
News Nation
Loksabha TV
India News MP
News India 24X7
Janta TV
ABP Majha
DD National
DD News
DD Bihar
TV9 Marathi
Total TV
Samay National
Samay Bihar Jharkhand
Samay UP Uttrakhand
Samay Rajasthan
Samay MP Chhattisgarh
News State Uttarakhand Uttar Pradesh
News State Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh
CVR English News
Times Now
ET Now
Mirror Now
Sadhna MP Chattisgarh
Sadhna Plus
Bansal News
Kashish News
First India News Rajasthan
K News India
Hindi Khabar
Skystar Movies
BFlix Movies
Manoranjan Movies
Maha Movie
Manoranjan TV
DD Kisan
Ishwar TV
DD Sports
Hare Krsna
Bhakti Sagar
Shubhsandesh TV
Peace of Mind
Om Shanti Channel
Krishna Vani
Goodnews TV
DD Bharati
DD Madhya Pradesh
DD Bangla
Aakash Aath
Khushboo Bangla
Sangeet Bangla
Kolkata Live
Anjan TV
Dabangg TV
Oscar Movies Bhojpuri
Sangeet Bhojpuri
Shiksha TV
Lakshya TV
DD Girnar
TV9 Gujarati
India News Gujarat
Mantavya News
India News Haryana
Andy Haryana
DD Chandana
Saral Jeevan
TV9 Kannada
NewsX Kannada
TV5 Kannada
DD Kashir
Kaumudy TV
DD Malayalam
Kappa TV
Jeevan TV
DD Sahyadri
Sangeet Marathi
9X Jhakaas
Saam TV
Sri Sankara
DD North East
DD Punjabi
Boogle Bollywood
9X Tashan
Wah Punjabi
Chardikla Time TV
India News Rajasthan
Nambikkai TV
DD Podhigai
Captain TV
7S Music
Isai Aruvi
Tunes 6
Makkal TV
Puthiya Thalaimurai
Hindu Dharmam
Studio One Plus
Jai Telangana TV
TV9 Telugu
DD Yadagiri
TV5 Telugu
CVR News
CVR Health
Aalami Samay
Surya Samachar
Mahaa TV
Sadhna News Bangla
Skystar Filme
Movie Plus
Skystar Music
Swasthik TV
BOX Cinema
Hamari Sanskruti TV
Bloomberg Quint
Housefull Movies
Kalinga TV
Samarpan TV
Food Food
Euro news
France 24
TV5 monde ASIE
Kaatyani TV
Gaming TV English
Fitness TV
Movies Zone
Short Films TV
Football TV
Gaming TV Spanish
Sports TV
Tolly wood
Street TV
Series Zone
Fight TV
Speed TV
Language Course Spanish
DW English
Kalyan TV
DW English HD
DW Deutsch
Cars and stars
AM News
Garv Gurbani
Garv punjab
Swar Shree
ABP Sanjha
ABP Ananda
ABP Ganga
ABP Asmita
The Q India
Kid Central
Outdoor Lifestyle
Men and Motors
Prime Time Drama
Jigyasa TV
mx player stream movie live tv vod multi language platform sports live

You can direct watch all the channels free from MXPlayer Streaming Official and if you wish to download the Mx player mobile video player can download from google play from here but remembers one thing,Mx Player web streaming movie vod live cannot be played or access through Mx player mobile video player,both has different oS.

Hopping this update is very useful for Indians living abroad outside India,countries like
USA,Germany,Russia,Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand,Arab and many other countries don't have or don't air Hindi,Tamil,Kannada and other Indian language channels or programs so MX Player stream live tv vod web is the best free platform for all out there specially for the Indian expatriates living out side India and really hopping this MX PLAYER STREAMING SERVICE CAN LAST AS FREE SERVICE FOREVER!

***Kindly like,share and subscribe and if you know any other legal live tv movies tv series Apk or web streaming kindly let me know at comment below!  

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