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Why Amazon Prime Video Streaming Is The Best And Most Preferred Choice For Video On Demand Services Worldwide

What is Amazon Prime Videos and how Amazon Prime Video Started? Amazon prime video or Prime video is Amazon owned video renting and buying service started in US but later was available to world audience except Mainland China,Syria,Cuba,North Korea and Iran ,else where can buy or rent prime video streaming on demand services without any issue but with little adjustments according to respective countries laws and censorship . Amazon prime video initially started on 7 September 2006 ,14 years ago and today is,one of biggest contender in the video on demand streaming services .Even after 14 years,still keeps growing rapidly and available in some 200 countries worldwide.As of 29.04.2020, Amazon prime video fan page on Facebook reached 13 million ,some 13,770,740 likes and 13,777,871 followers and keeps growing,just imagine how big is customer base? At current time, Amazon prime video has thousands of movies,tv series plus it's own original content titles and some extra channel

How Watch Youtube Videos Without Ads And How To Create Own Youtube Playlist On Pot Player?

Youtube is one of most popular video streaming sites in the world ,at present it's estimated more than 2 billion users and have more than 1 billion hours views everyday worldwide. You tube is a sensation , you tube is a necessity , youtube is entertainment  but the annoying thing that i hate most is when comes to ads in the you tube , right,correct me if i'm wrong! Yup very annoying when suddenly ads interrupt while excitingly watching a video but without ads , you tube cannot make money and so the content creators as well but as viewers we really hate ads right,so is there anyway we can watch you tube videos without the ads? There is several ways actually,the simplest way is get an premium account,by paid membership you can watch any videos without ads but how many will pay for paid membership, right? The second way is using Pot Player or Vlc player to remove the ads .I prefer using Pot Player because with Vlc player ,cannot add long playlist and cannot create separate

How Watch Free Internet Tv Iptv Live Tv Movies Tv Shows Streaming Channels Legally With Free VPN

How watch iptv or internet tv streaming on demand service legally with free Vpn ?Is it possible to watch all content even from different countries? Day by day more and more people switching the way how they watch tv,if you notice within couple of  years ago people normally will use conventional Tv and Ariel  then later they stated using satellite tv and now everything has changed because of IPTV also known as Internet Protocol Television .Since internet is a necessity mostly all household have subscribed,according to a survey,in US alone more than 85% of households have internet access either fixed line internet,postpaid or prepaid internet . Iptv has changed the way we watch television but we need 3 main things in order to watch live tv or on demand services ,because with Iptv system we cannot use ariel anymore.So we need android box or streaming media box like Apple tv,Roku Tv,Amazon fire tv ,no matter how expensive or low priced iptv media box ,most of the media devices can s

Netflix How They Take Over The Internet Streaming Video On Demand Service By Storm?

Netflix,Humble Beginning From DVD Rental Service To Gigantic Video On Demand Streaming Service Provider! What is Netflix? Netflix is video on demand service providers with thousands of title available such as movies,tv series,comedy,documentaries directly accessed through internet base devices such as apple tv,roku tv,android tv,smart tv,android box and other compatible devices and leader for original content producer. You can aspect high quality contents from award winning movies,tv shows,anime for a very low monthly subscription and the best part there will be something for everyone for enjoy tv show and movies because will be refreshed weekly basis,so every week you can watch any new content. When it started? Netflix actually founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph 22 years ago on August 29,1997 in Scott's Valley,California .They started as very small humble DVD renting shop but after 22 years Netflix has been transformed into one of the leading video on demand and pro

Best Indian Free Iptv Live tv Movies Streaming Website - No Geo Block

Wanna watch unlimited free Indian iptv live tv movies streaming through your web browser,now you can with Mx player new update. Mx player apk is also known as MX Mobile Media Player specially for androids devices for streaming or playing videos and supported player for most live tv streaming players and Mx player streaming movie shows live tv web if both not same but both is free and available worldwide no geo block . Actually Mx media player is an Indian own Times Internet, the digital media division of Times Group and the original creators were J2 korean company.It's said that Times Group bought Mx player ownership for usd140 million then add more value added service and relaunched as OTT platform.At first streaming services only limited to Indian market but later expanded internationally and now can be access by millions throughout the world.  There are two different services by Mx Player,that's Mx Player mobile apk for play mobile videos and streaming,and MX player s

Pot Player Vs KM Player Vs Vlc Media Player - Which One Of These Are Best Media Streaming Players?

Pot Player Vs KM Player Vs Vlc Player Which One Is The Best Performing Player For Windows and android? You might already knows and used any of the top media video streaming players for windows or android but did you actually know what's the difference between these 3 top media players or which one is the best? You might have used pot player or vlc player or KM player ,i personally think none of us has tested or used all 3 of these media players rights,we might used 1 or 2 of these players. Today i would like show which of these 3 media player are the most used or preferred and why? Lets start with lowest used media video audio streaming player that is KM player. This player according to Wikipedia source,called K-Multimedia but many used the terms of short form name by KMplayer,this is a multimedia player for windows and supports many formats like Vcd,Dvd,Avi,Mkv,Ogg,Ogm,3gp,Mpeg-1/2/4,Aac,Wma,Realmedia,Fly and Quicktime and widely used by many have substantial user base. KMPlayer