10 Optimization Tips For Roku Internet Live Tv Movies Tv Shows Streaming Entertainment Media Player

I know you already have this fantastic Roku home entertainment internet tv streaming device,feels good right because can watch many different channels in one place and for the best bargain price.

So you already familiar with Roku entertainment box interface and overall usage right, but do you know how to use you mobile phone to control your Roku internet tv or do you know that you can add Roku channels from your pc,laptop?

Well some might known already but my guess many might need this tips and trick so can fully optimize Roku entertainment media internet tv box.
roku entertainment internet tv player

I've listed 10 Tips and tricks to fully optimize your Roku internet tv box.

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1.The best unique feature is Voice Search, yes with your Roku mobile app or Roku streaming stick remote you can voice search any movie,tv series by just press the voice search and when prompted say the movies title or tv show,so easy to search a movie or tv series,don't have to manually search each category and all movie library,just say what or which movie wanna watch and the voice search will take care of it.

2. Bored of same screen saver and wanna change new exciting screen saver,it's so easy,just go to channel store and click screen saver then choose and download,once downloaded go to setting then choose your favorite screen saver which you've downloaded.

3.This feature i'm not sure many other internet live tv provider have,it's called private listening.How this works is very simple,if for any reason you don't want other to listen to what you're watching,you can private listen the channels playing,simply open you Roku mobile app,click on Remote then click Private Listening icon,now you can watch your favorite channels without interfering others

4.Another lovely feature is,you can replace your remote with your mobile phone,yes with Roku streaming mobile apps you can control your Roku streaming internet tv with just mobile phone,same like you use your physical native remote control.You don't have search for remote in case you lost it.

5.Casting is another great features by Roku streaming internet tv device.Let say you're watching youtube or netflix on mobile and want to cast it to your big screen tv,just log to same wifi network by clicking WIFI icon at bottom of left corner,then connect to same Roku network and enjoy on big screen but don't forget to charge your phone because will drain power fast.

6.Since Roku Introduce Roku stick,it's so much easier to watch your favorite program because some times you will leave home for travel,seminars or courses so how to watch your favorites program then.

With Roku stick everything is possible as long as there is wifi service you can connect your Roku stick and watch.

All you have to do is,plug HDMI cable to any tv that's available,most hotel room have right,after plug the HDMI,switch on Roku and tv,click Home ,Network,Set Up Connection,select wireless,search for public wifi network,if cannot detect,switch off and on your mobile,now you can see the public network,if secured with password,ask front desk for password but id hotel means all room will have password written some where in the room,now after you click on that wifi you can watch all your favorites tv shows.

Roku entertainment internet tv tips and tricks

7.Searching long name,movie name so tiring to type one by one on your remote,now you can easily type faster with Roku mobile app,just click on the icon that looks like a keyboard mobile app,so you can type much faster than using remote control device

8.A part of casting you can also screen mirroring you mobile screen to your big screen tv via Roku media box,yes let say you wanna use you mobile to see photos or playing game and wanna see on your tv,just connect mirroring on your device than enable cast on mobile then follow the instruction,it's simple step by step process.

9.Adding channels to your device even your're not near your device is simple and easy,yes you can add any channels from your Roku mobile app,just download the app,log in then choose the channels and add it or you also can use pc,laptop  browser to add channels,just go to Roku channel store add the channels you want,it's so simple to add channels even you're at outstation.

10. This is the most wanted feature,that's Parental control,yup Roku has create cool parental control system where you can go to Settings,Parental Control then you can create a pin to control what channel added or deleted,yup this is must because Roku streaming internet tv has thousand of channels,movie and tv series,you don;t want your kids to watch some inappropriate unsuitable channels.
roku entertainment internet tv streaming player

Now you know all the most wanted tips and tricks for your Roku streaming internet tv device,if you don't have this Roku full of entertainment internet tv device,you can get it for best bargain price from Amazon,personally Roku entertainment device is the best entertainment for me.
Roku home entertainment internet tv

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