Curiosity Streams Worlds Best 4K Documentary Video On Demand Streaming Worldwide

Worlds Best 4K Documentary Video On Demand Streaming Service Provider By Curiosity Stream For Ios,Windows,Mac,Apple Tv,Fire Tv,Roku Tv

Curiosity streams is the world's one and only documentary video on demand service providers.Their headquarters located in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

curiosity streams video on demand service provider

Not like other live streaming iptv or movie and tv series streaming service providers,curiosity streams only broadcast nonfiction documentaries and series about science, nature, history, technology, society and lifestyle,you cannot find any other channels,no soap opera,no movies,no tv series,no live tv,purely dedicated only for documentaries.

Curiosity streams founded by founder of discovery channel,discovery Inc. Mr.John S. Hendricks and launched officially on 18 march 2015 and offering more than 3000 original and licensed title of non fiction programs worldwide from 29 September 2015,yes you can enjoy all programs from curiosity streams world wide any where in the world.
curiosity stream best video on demand service provider

Curiosity streams is accessible from multiple platforms,just name it in what device wanna watch.Can be watched from modern web browser,means can be watched from pc,laptop,as for android 4.0.3 so most of all android devices are compatible,for apple tv members must use air play for older generation or native app for 4th generation,iphone,ipod,ipad,ios 7or higher installed,no problem,for chrome cast via chrome browser or android phone or tablet with android 4.0.3,also not left behind Roku and Amazon fire Tv,Amazon kindle fire,Youtube tv,Xbox one,Xfinity,Sling tv,layer 3 tv,and Altice box,yes as for altice one cable box the subscription is free for 1 year so  the accessibility can say as complete because no any device or OS operating platform is left behind,all devices with any Os can install and watch curiosity stream.

As for the content of curiosity stream,as i said earlier,it's not about live tv or movies or tv series or anime but pure brainy documentary about science,nature,history,technology,society and lifestyle,you ,might not find any program of curiosity streams in other documentary channels because all programs are exclusive and original production from curiosity streams.

Programs list available on curiosity streams world wide.All Original content streams as below: 
original programs from curiosity streams vod

Miniverse, featuring Chris Hadfield, Michio Kaku, Derrick Pitts, Laura Danly,
Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places (2017 Emmy Award Winner), 
featuring Stephen Hawking
David Attenborough's Light On Earth, featuring David Attenborough
Deep Time History, featuring Jonathan Markley
Prescription: Nutrition, featuring Michael Greger
Destination: Pluto, featuring Alan Stern
Destination Mars, featuring Peter Diamandis
The Road To The Singularity, featuring Jason Silva
Transhumanism, featuring Jason Silva
Digits, featuring Derek Muller, Edward Snowden, Vint Cerf
The History Of Food, featuring Robert Dunn, JJ Johnson, Michael Greger, Sandor Katz
The Woodstock Bus, featuring Robert Richard Hieronimus
History, featuring Peter Sagal

Acquired content

The service has acquired and licensed nonfiction films from various worldwide producers, such as BBC, NHK, ZDF, ORF and TVF. The site provides access to available  And this are the acquired programs and available programs:

Genius by Stephen Hawking with Stephen Hawking
Next World with Michio Kaku
The Secrets of Quantum Physics with Jim Al-Khalili
Wild Weather with Richard Hammond
The Nano Revolution
Destination Mars featuring Peter Diamandis
Cosmic Front
The Human Face Of Big Data
U.S. subscribers have access to BBC productions 

available such as:

The Secret Life of Dogs
Ancient Worlds Richard Miles, Simon Russell Beale, Julie Berry & Cécile Michel
Greek Myths: True Stories Robin Lane Fox
Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (a 6-part docudrama miniseries starring Michael Sheen)
Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life with Richard Dawkins
When Björk Met Attenborough with David Attenborough
Crusades as well as Vikings and World of Stonehenge, both hosted by Neil Oliver.
The Hawking Paradox with Stephen Hawking

Curiosity streams service has monthly and yearly subscription as for HD and 4K services,for both have different price structure but will not burden the costumers because for as little as USD2.99 for HD and USD9.99 for 4K is most affordable or you can choose yearly plan for USD11.99 for HD and USD41.99 for 4K (yearly plans now having saving because of COVID-19,curiosity streams giving a whooping 40% discounts for yearly subscription that means if customer choose HD for 1 year it's only USD1 a days,so much of savings.

That's because,curiosity stream is the only video on demand service provider specializing on educational documentaries and can access worldwide,i think this curiosity streams is a very good and must have list on all your devices because it's producing knowledgeable contents,original content and brainy content.Yes only the smarts will choose curiosity streams to expand their knowledgeable journey!

Curiosity streams is legal video on demand service provider for worldwide audience,no matter where you're from ,you might be from Usa,Canada,Uk,Spain,New Zealand,Australia,Germany,Russia,Emirate Arab,Dubai,Egypt,Israel,Japan,Malaysia,Singapore,Africa,Europe or any country,you can enjoy 4K quality entertaining documentary series.

My personal opinion,not matter how many channels you already have in you internet tv box but without curiosity streams your whole entertainment not complete yet! Check this video about Prescription Nutrition Series 4 on Curiosity Streams-Enjoy
curiosity streams is one of best documentary channels available

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