How Watch Youtube Videos Without Ads And How To Create Own Youtube Playlist On Pot Player?

Youtube is one of most popular video streaming sites in the world,at present it's estimated more than 2 billion users and have more than 1 billion hours views everyday worldwide.You tube is a sensation,you tube is a necessity,youtube is entertainment but the annoying thing that i hate most is when comes to ads in the you tube, right,correct me if i'm wrong!

Yup very annoying when suddenly ads interrupt while excitingly watching a video but without ads,you tube cannot make money and so the content creators as well but as viewers we really hate ads right,so is there anyway we can watch you tube videos without the ads?
how watch youtube without ads-no ads youtube

There is several ways actually,the simplest way is get an premium account,by paid membership you can watch any videos without ads but how many will pay for paid membership, right?

The second way is using Pot Player or Vlc player to remove the ads.I prefer using Pot Player because with Vlc player,cannot add long playlist and cannot create separate menu for each category.But with pot player one can create separate menu,can add long you tube playlist and can create own library of whatever video we want,seems exciting right?

So,is there any catch?The catch is you only can do all these on windows pc or laptop not on android devices,so you may ask,how to watch on tv?,you can connect laptop with HDMI to tv or can use mirror screen or casting services.(will have post soon on these topics)

But i wanna know whether this is legal or illegal? Don't worry this is legal,no body will penalize you under any law because this system is legal and legitimate because youtube is legal video portal and also pot player ,a legal video player and streamer,so this method is completely legal 

If you want to continue with pc or laptop,the first thing you must do is,check your system whether it's 32 bit or 64 bit os,you can click search on windows on your pc then type "about" and enter,then you can see all info about your pc,laptop system.

how checking windows sytem 32 bit or 64 bit

Now you know your pc,laptop system,go to Pot Player (visit this page,scrol down for download link) suitable file according to your pc,laptop system.

pot player for watching you tube without ads

Once downloaded,click the downloaded Pot Player Exe to be install in your pc,laptop system,and make sure you click "Run As Administrator" then extract the file.After extraction,click run the software program to be installed,click all necessary field and click continue and install the Pot Player.If you want any extra installation you can click back then install.You can select all box because next time no need to reconfigure

pot player installation set up-2

pot player installation set up-3

pot player installation set up-4

Now you already successfully installed latest version of pot player,now you open the software and will look like this.
pot player main windows

Then click on the icon as below to open the Pot Player Playlist menu on the right (without this menu,cannot add playlist,it's like a short cut)

Pot player how open playlist menu

Now click on the + sign at top right at playlist menu to create playlist category menu,you can create any menu title and can edit anytime,this is important step because when adding you tube video link,you can straight add to created category menu.If you want to create multi category menu,try creating menu title like - Movies ,Music Video ,Tv Series ,Live Channels ,Anime,this is my suggestion only,but it's up to you what you want to add later on.

how add multiple menu category playlist title on pot player

You can choose to move the category menu,right or left to add new menu label or to choose your added menu playlist

how add more title category menu or choose menu

Once you have finish create all the category playlist title now go to you tube web site and start choose the video you want to add to pot player,you also can choose single video or playlist with bunch of videos.Once you chose,copy that url then add to pot player (when adding url,click the menu title playlist category that you create as above then add the url,if mistakenly added to different menu,you can delete that url then re-add to actual menu label

how copy you tube video url and add to pot player

Choose where to add,which menu label category playlist you create earlier -my sample is movie list,then click "add" and click "add url"

add you tube movie url to pot player playlist menu

add you tube url to pot player easy way

A dialogue box will open,choose 2 box from total 3,when choosing and click ok,any url that is copied next time will auto add to queue no need manual add to dialogue box 
add you tube url auto copy to pot player playlist

the process is same for all youtube url

Once click "OK",wait a few second if one url added,to load at right side playlist menu,if you add playlist url with bunch of list then need to wait a bit longer to load,once loaded,choose which link want to watch and double click on it and you're basically done.

Adding big youtube movie,music video,anime or any playlist,copy paste same system to pot player,copy paste 1 time then can relax and enjoy all without ads and going to youtube video portal
big movie youtube playlist url added to pot player

big youtube music video list added to pot player playlist

The whole process is same whether you want to add 1 or more urls from you tube.I've tested and works great with pot player but i haven't tried copy paste any other urls from different video portals.

With this easy methods on how to watch youtube video without ads hopping you can enjoy all without annoying ads and i almost forgotten to tell you,once you copy paste than added any videos including age restricted video you don't have to log in to youtube every time wanna play it on pot player,you can simply double click your playlist on Pot player sit back and enjoy!

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