Free Indian Tamil Internet Live Tv Movie Tv Show Streaming APK For Tamil's Living Around The World

Free Indian Tamil Internet Live Tv Streaming App For Android For Tamil People Worldwide,No Geo Block!

On todays post i like to share about a free live tv app ,i mean legal free live tv apps but unfortunately this live tv apps is suitable to those who understand Tamil language.This free live tv app is called Makkal Tv from India.

free indian tamil live tv app world wide

This live tv app is available for free from google play store and is legal to be used by anyone or everyone through the world.Makkal tv live tv app is aired 24/7 and is completely free to download and use there are no any fees or subscription and also no geo blocked.

So if an Indian Tamil living abroad looking for free live tv ,Makkal tv is one of the best live tv app available.Not like other live tv app,mainly concentrate on entertainment only,this live tv is different a bit because based on peoples daily livelihood.It's about agriculture,small scale business,opportunity,soap opera,news and overall it's about people that's why the Indians called this live tv as peoples tv,even though the channels programs not fully entertainment but has decent line of channels for all.

I post about this live tv because it's free, has very smooth and fast performance,when i tried ,there were no lagging or buffering,the content is very smooth and fast and also i want to share to others who're looking for good quality Indian Tamil content outside India. because i'm indian tamil origin too,so when came across your mother tongue tv channels it feels great to see and watch whats happening.

The founder of makkal live tv is Mr.Ramdoss from Makkal Pattali Katchi (people working party) and at the moment Mrs.T.Bhuvaneswari was the president and administrator.

Here are the list of Indian Live Tv channels or live tv programs available for 24/7

Chinna Chinna Aasai
Theethum Nandrum
7 Naal 7 Suvai
Akkarai Seemai Aalayangal
Jannalukku Veliye
Azhagiya Tamizh Magan/Magal
Aadal Arasigalin Sangamam
Kaalai Vanakkam
Rettai Vaal Kuruvi (Live Game Show)
Nam Nattu Samayail
Malarum Bhoomi
Uppum Orappum
Pennay Unagaka
Elakkiya pithan Pattimandram telecast in makkal TV in special function days 

And extra soap opera (Drama or seriels)

Neethane En Ponvasantham

I do believe if your Indian Tamils living out side India sure it's hard to watch or get any Tamil program live tv channels and for free but with this Makkal Live Tv people of the world who knows Tamil can watch 24/7 live tv for free.You can download Makkal Live Tv from google play store

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