Live Tv Movies Talk Time Bollywood Rambo Vs Hollywood Rambo

Today internet live tv movies want to talk about upcoming movies,buzzing around Instagram and other social media by storm,what movies is that?,any guess?

Well most us have watched this wonderful movie when we were young,he's a soldier,one man army,crushing all of his enemies single handedly,now you recall which movie,yup you're right,none other than RAMBO

But unfortunately this time RAMBO visits BOLLYWOOD in India,why fly so far? My guess is RAMBO so bored sitting in US so he flies to India,don't get me wrong this Rambo is remark of the original Rambo,in other word it's a duplicate Rambo or can say Hindustan Rambo to be exact!

rambo bollywood vs rambo hollywood

Anyway who cares right? But the original Rambo cares much and message the Hindustan Rambo "hey man,please don't wrecked it yo" then i need to visit you bro!,well i'm just joking,the real Rambo Mr.Sylvester Stallone did message Mr.Tiger Shroff (indian rambo),Mr.Stallone said "it's nice to see remake of Rambo the Bollywood version but hey please don't wreck it" and Mr.Tiger Shroff humbly replied to Mr.Stallone by saying,he's real super fan of Stallone and RAMBO movie and he will do the best of the best to keep high expectations of every one and won't let Mr.Stallone down.Well that's what i call a real Hero in the making,so polite and very humble down to earth.

So who is actually Tiger Shroff is? I actually not big fan of Bollywood films but since this news out like fire,i do check it out who,what and when the movie will be out,all this like a big drama or gossips and perhaps the film will do better.

tiger shroff son of jackie shroff

Ok lets talk about who is Mr.Tiger Shroff,he's Jai Hemant "Tiger" Shroff (born 2 March 1990) is an Indian actor known for his roles in Hindi-language action films and one of highest paid actor. He's the son of actor Jackie Shroff and producer Ayesha Dutt, he made his film debut in the 2014 commercially successful action film Heropanti.He's a fifth grade degree holder in self defense Taekwondo,so he's perfect for the role of Rambo,even the original Rambo don't have martial art background,but boxing background if you know what i mean (Rocky)!

It seems this remark Rambo Bollywood (i name it so),will be directed by well known none other than the master himself Siddharth Anand and will be co-produced by M! Capital Ventures, Original Entertainment, Impact Films and Siddharth Anand Picture

The movie is about well trained soldier return home but later found out the war in his own land and unleashes the brutal animal as one man army crushing every enemy same like how "Original Rambo" action movie.

As i said earlier,even though i'm not a big fan of Bollywood movie but since i read and write about this "Indian Rambo" i can't wait to see the movie,but sadly need to wait a little longer than the original schedule planned because of the Covid-19,no movie making for a while,just sit back and wait,my guess is may be next year will release,just hopping so!

*Which one will the best,the legend original hollywood Rambo or Copycat bollywood Rambo ?Throw your honest comment!

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