Live Net Tv - Is It Legal Or Illegal Apk Movies Tv Shows Live Tv Iptv?

Live Net Tv App is legal live tv streaming service provider but not the content of streaming!

This is actually a tough question to ask,whether live tv net apps is legal or illegal either is USA or worldwide.I just checked their official web site and found out that live net tv apps is not illegal live tv streaming apps as long as the module or apps it self but it's illegal if streaming any copy righted live tv channels or content,a bit confusing right?

Lets me break it down in simple words,live net tv apps is not illegal but any content or live tv channels from it's apps is copyrighted then it's illegal,know what i mean?

live net tv app install

Then what the heck for live net apps is still running and still can be downloaded from their official site?For this you might get weird answer,this is because the maker of live net tv apps don't host any content of copyrighted live channels but only links that is available freely on the world wide web!

So the live tv apps itself not breaking any copyright either stream copy right or channels copy right because not hosting any live tv channels on the live net tv web or apps server.It only linking links already can be found for free on the net,so it's not illegal.

But some countries trying implement laws to curb ,link linking sites and apps but live net apps still surviving and hoping can survive longer because thousands of  people are using this live net tv streaming apps.

live net tv apps download

You cannot download this app from google play because google play won't allow any live tv apk that using streaming links through apps including kodi (well known streaming player)

Now you fully understood whether LIVE NET APPS is legal or illegal in your country (each different countries have different laws) right?

No matter it's legal or illegal,Live Nettv actually has a lot of good features such as friendly user interface,that why it's very easy to use.

iptv live net tv has many loyal users

It has more than 700 live tv full hd tv channels links from various sources,all free from world wide web

Most of the channels arranged in easy to follow category list based on genre like cooking channels,kids channels,sports channels,music channels,entertainment channels,movie channels,tv show channels and so on and it's ads free.

Yes there will be no annoying ads in between channels play time or when switching to other channels,it's clean but to play the channels you need either on of thsese streaming player : Mx player,XYZ player.Lua player,Android player,Video player,XMTV player,Local cast,Webvideocast,BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast/Smart tv

stream players for iptv live net tv app

You can install these player from google play,when you click a channels for first time,it will ask to choose any one player to be installed,you can follow the link and install but be in mind that even though live net tv app don't have any ads but these extra streaming player have ads,so each time you click on channels these players will show ads not the live net tv app because apps itself not streaming or hosting any channels. 

If you wish to install live net tv apps on windows,you can too but you need bluestack or nox android emulator (visit my post about bluestack and android emulator here)follow the step by step guide how install android emulator then add the live net tv apps and play all channels on pc or laptop windows.
bluestack android emulator for watching live tv apps on pc,laptop

Nox player android emulator for watching live tv apps on pc,laptop

I'm not recommending using of live net tv apps but just let every one knows whether live net tv apps is legal or illegal,it's up to you to choose what you want,I've removed the link for download this movie apk because the site seems to have been infected with malware or virus,so members can look for other alternatives to download.

"Updated on 5.5.2020 - do not use Live Net because the apk or apps is hijacked and full of malware,this apk is not save!"

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