1GB FREE INTERNET DATA To Make People STAY HOME Because Of Covid-19 Pendemic

Free internet for all Malaysian To stay home for Covid-19 Pendemic,this special benefits millions of Malaysians

Malaysian government has offered many schemes so people will stay at home because of covid-19,i personally believe Malaysia is the only country has offers big support for it's people

One of the schemes introduce for the people is 1gb FREE INTERNET so everyone could stay home without boring and they won't make planning to go outside
extra internet data free for stay home program

Government of Malaysia has been spent about RM600 million just to implement this INTERNET FREE FROM ALL TELCOS which will be beneficial to all 33 million people

This STAYHOME ENJOY INTERNET FREE is offered from 8am to 6pm daily but user must activate from their subscription,it's not free activation.

After the time frame given,internet data will be normal but either way it's beneficial to people because can save own data from 8am -6pm.

Different telcos have different ways on how to activate the free internet.

Here are the how to activate free internet from top telcos in Malaysia (this free internet is only for Malaysia)

1.Unifi Mobile – LTE hotspot Pass

tm unifi free internet data

As for TM free internet,you don't have to activate anything because,TM will activate automatically,just sit back and enjoy

2.Yoodo – Unlimited data

yoodo telco free internet service

Yoodo offers free unlimited internet & free internet every monday till april 2020,to enjoy free internet no need to activate because it will auto activate

3.Tune Talk / Halo go - Activate Once Enjoy Everyday

tune talk and halo go telco free internet data

As for tunetalk or halogo users,only need sms STAYHOME to 2222 and you will receive sms notice of acknowledgment,after that can enjoy free internet everyday untill the PKP is over

4.Digi -  Activate Once Enjoy Everyday

digi telecomunication free internet service

Post paid users of digi malaysia can claim free 1gb data by going to MyDigi app,go to reward section and claim

As for prepaid user go to Box of Surprise at MyDigi app and claim

Or use code UMB *128#

4.U Mobile-Claim 1 time use untill end of PKP

umobile free internet program for stay home campaign

Prepaid and post paid users can claim by send code *118*6# (prepaid) *118*7# (post paid) and choose Special Offer

This free internet id not valid for those using wechatgo

5.Celcom - No nee to activate,its auto activate

celcom malaysia telco free internet data

6.Maxis- A bit annoying because need to claim free internet daily

maxis free data internet bonus

Maxis Postpaid
Open MyMaxis App – Click “Get More Data” and choose “Free 1GB/ Day Pass” under “Time Based Pass”

Maxis Biz Postpaid
Open MyMaxis Biz App – Click “Get More Data” and choose “Free 1GB/ Day Pass” under “Time Based Pass”

Hotlink Flex Postpaid
Open MyMaxis Hotlink Flex – Click “Get More Data” and choose “Free 1GB/ Day Pass” under “Time Based Pass”

Hotlink Prepaid
Open Hotlink RED App – Click banner at main menu and choose “FREE 1GB / Day Pass” or activate pass under ‘Shop’ tap

Ok,this is the main telcos offering the free internet as long as PKP is in order,so STAY AT HOME AND ENJOY FREE INTERNET DATA

****This internet free data 1gb is only available in Malaysia,hopping other countries can follow Malaysia Government system to ease peoples burden at this tough times because of COVID-19 PENDEMIC

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