Netflix How They Take Over The Internet Streaming Video On Demand Service By Storm?

Netflix,Humble Beginning From DVD Rental Service To Gigantic Video On Demand Streaming Service Provider!

netflix internet tv video on demand streaming service provider

What is Netflix?

Netflix is video on demand service providers with thousands of title available such as movies,tv series,comedy,documentaries directly accessed through internet base devices such as apple tv,roku tv,android tv,smart tv,android box and other compatible devices and leader for original content producer.

You can aspect high quality contents from award winning movies,tv shows,anime for a very low monthly subscription and the best part there will be something for everyone for enjoy tv show and movies because will be refreshed weekly basis,so every week you can watch any new content.

When it started?

Netflix actually founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph 22 years ago on August 29,1997 in Scott's Valley,California.They started as very small humble DVD renting shop but after 22 years Netflix has been transformed into one of the leading video on demand and production streaming service providers today and estimated assets of USD33.975 billions as of 2019 and have total of 183 million paid members in over 190 imagine that!
netflix original content producers for video on demand streaming service

History of Netflix Success :
 2007 Netflix Actually began streaming services in the United States first,this is birth place of  Netflix streams
 2010 After 3 years,The company began offer streaming service to international market started on 2010, September 22,in Canada
 2011 Then Netflix expanded its streaming service to Latin America,Belize,Guineas and the Caribbeans
 2012 After much success in the Latin America,Belize,Guineas and the Caribbeans,Netflix started its expansion to Sweden,Norway,United   Kingdom,Europe,Finland,Ireland and Denmark in 2012
 2013 Then to maintain subscription control Netflix decided to slow expansion costs so in 2013 only expanded to 1 country only that's the   Netherlands
 2014 Was good year because manage expand their service to France,Austria,Belgium,Switzerland,Luxembourg and Germany
 2015 They can't slow down their expansion, they continue their Netflix quest to Spain,Australia,Portugal,Italy,New Zealand and lastly Japan
 2016 Netflix announced that it had become available in 190 countries worldwide except North Korea,Syria,Crimea and China but the following   year, on 2017   Netflix announce that they manage to get partnership licensing through Baidu in China
 2019 More countries has been join the Netflix phenomena such as Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand
 2020 Total assets of USD39.975 billions and have total of 183 million paid members in over 190 countries

Wow,that an outstanding growth and achievement for a small DVD renting company when started,Netflix story of success has been covered by numerous magazines like fortune,Inc and Entrepreneur

Netflix also had won numerous awards but most special is at Golden globe award when became the first internet streaming video on demand service provider won at Primetime Emmy Award...what a achievement.

netflix watch from everywhere streaming video on demand service
Available world wide?

Yes Netflix is available worldwide except Mainland China,Crimea,Syria and North Korea,imagine that,this is the only 4 countries not allow Netflix to enter!,else where no problem,Netflix has active users from 190 countries worldwide

How Much It Costs?

The cost is very low as starts at USD9 - USD16,this is because if you want to watch on just 1 device than the price is just USD9 but if you want to watch on 4 different devices than the price would be USD16 but when you ran out of free trial for one month,the plan will start from USD9,but most standard plans will be USD12.99 for 2 simultaneous screens,you can choose your subscription later on.

You can choose which device to use base on your subscription,if you buy 4 simultaneous screen for USD16 then you can watch on 4 devices like mobile devices,tablet,android box,android tv so the choice is yours,if you don't need extra device,then just buy for 1 device because it's much more cheaper and worth it.

netflix watch from everywhere streaming video on demand service-2

Any free trials?

Yes there is 1 month free trials so you can test power all the functions of Netflix,check all the movies,tv show,anime's and documentaries,check yourself the quality of content and the quality of the streams and you can cancel after the free trial if you don't want to continue with subscription,no question will be asked 

Bottom line is that with Netflix changes the way people watch tv,yes,now people can watch their favorites movies,tv shows anywhere they want,all they need is mobile device and internet connection,so the tradition way of watching tv is changed completely and Netflix can get the credits as they are the pioneers in the industry.
netflix watch from everywhere streaming video on demand service-3

***I'm not affiliated in anyway with Netflix and this post is not paid post,but my own review because of Netflix's achievement,they deserve good reviews.

***As always,please like,share and subscribe,will update more internet tv news very soon and give you comment about your experience using Netflix video on deman internet tv streaming.

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