Arrogance And Ignorance Of People Attitude Make Covid-19 More Stronger And Hard To Control

Today i take a break not to post about internet live tv app apk news but want to talk about covid 19 pandemic happening around the world.I'm not doctor or front liner whom working very hard to control this evil epidemic,i'm just obeying what my government want me to do,that is staying at home not to defy this request because we can only break the chain of pandemic only by staying at home.

covid-19 deadly pandemic

So far up to today more than thousands of people infected by this virus and more many have died,even though many government have close their borders earlier when the virus started and shows infections in their country,why this can be happening?Why even after close border very fast and even after government implement movement order control it's spreading like fire?

Total number of covid-19 infected cases worldwide

statistic pendemic affected country and total gif

The answer is simple,it's the peoples arrogant and ignorant,not mistake by any governments because each country government really cares about their citizens but it's the people who defy laws and going out in public without caring about their nearest family and friends.When government announce movement control law,people should listen,obey the law so government can do their level best to control this disease.

In my country mostly everyone listen and obey the law because we know whatever the government implement it's for our own good that's why in my country the death cases is very low,below 100 so far and total infected cases only below 5000 people and going downward trend.

Fighting covid-19 is not only one person's job but it's togetherness,yes we cannot fight alone but need everyone to participate,even though not asking to be front liners but stay at home and only go out to buy necessities or in case of emergencies.
world pendemic covid-19 worsen

I've seen many people specially in US and Europe just make don't  know and never listen when government introduce movement control,it's like they don't respect the government and now they regret by lost of beloved ones and friends,why so arrogant and selfish?Why just don't listen and think before act?
peoples arrogant and ignorant make covid-19 more deadly

In some countries groups claiming they were discriminated because,most of their people infected with this disease,who's fault this is,it's their own fault,when asking not to gather in groups to perform prayers they defy by claiming it's the governments scam and they only fear their God but not microscopic virus,but when their groups contaminated with the virus,all of them again will blame the government not doing well to protect them and discriminate them because of their religion,what the heck is this,at least use common sense in this kind of situations,if you're hungry you need to eat,don't simply blame others when you yourself in a position don't want to listen or obey the law,what the law can do for you,if arrest you will blame,if ask not to gather in groups,don't want to listen also then why blaming the governments?

In US and Brazil thousand of protesters protest against the government asking to lift the MCO (movement control),because they want to seek jobs and works,even though this is a tough situation,if the government lift the MCO now,in just 30-60 days another big wave of Epidemic will hit these countries that's for sure and if this happens again people will blame the government,i'm not supporting the government blindly but with common sense,now is the time to be united and fight all out this pandemic! 

I'm so sad seeing people from western and Europe countries because they're the most hardest hits by this covid-19,all because lack of respect, lack of alertness,lack of patients,hoping they will free from this virus very soon.

Hoping no matter you're religious people or what race you're or what color you're or what language you speak,this deadly corona virus don't know the differences,it will infect everyone comes in contact and this will continues to grow and grow until no one to contact,so PLEASE STAY AT HOME DON'T DEFY THE LAW,BE SAFE BE CARE ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONE AND FRIENDS LIFE!
stay home stay safe avoid pendemic covid-19

***Leave a comment what's going on in your country so everyone can share and learn.

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