Why Amazon Prime Video Streaming Is The Best And Most Preferred Choice For Video On Demand Services Worldwide

What is Amazon Prime Videos and how Amazon Prime Video Started?

Amazon prime video or Prime video is Amazon owned video renting and buying service started in US but later was available to world audience except Mainland China,Syria,Cuba,North Korea and Iran,else where can buy or rent prime video streaming on demand services without any issue but with little adjustments according to respective countries laws and censorship.

Amazon prime video initially started on 7 September 2006,14 years ago and today is,one of biggest contender in the video on demand streaming services.Even after 14 years,still keeps growing rapidly and available in some 200 countries worldwide.As of 29.04.2020,Amazon prime video fan page on Facebook reached 13 million,some 13,770,740 likes and 13,777,871 followers and keeps growing,just imagine how big is customer base?

At current time,Amazon prime video has thousands of movies,tv series plus it's own original content titles and some extra channels from 3rd party content providers such as HBO,Curiosity Stream,Lifetime Movie Club,AMC's Shudder,Showtime,Starz,Cinemax, Fandor, PBS Kids, Seeso, Toku and Boomerang and others,so Amazon prime video streaming also a hub for family entertainment with mix of all genre streaming.

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Is Amazon Prime Video Available Worldwide? 

Even though Amazon prime video streaming services is available world wide but all the video services varies by countries.Not all country able to get same content services,in US you might able to watch latest movies or series but in Singapore might not because licensing issues censorship issues and in some countries might able to watch Amazon Channels content from other content creators like HBO like in US but not in Australia or Singapore.

So how can I check all the available tittles,contents and censorship from Amazon Prime Video In My Country? 

You can actually test run their service for free for 30 days,by subscribe for trial,customers can go through all channels,movies,tv series,extra content that's available on their respective country and so the censorship,so viewers won't lose big hole in the pocket,30 days of trial is very crucial to identify whether Prime video service is suitable for you or not in your country!

What And How Many devices supports Amazon Prime Videos? 

Amazon prime videos is supported by mostly all streaming devices available in the market today because as manufacturer of streaming devices,they will adapt all latest technologies to meet the demand,they cannot afford to lose so they will update all their device according for latest app and software.Some of the most known devices supports Amazon prime video on demand streaming services are Amazon fire tv,Amazon fire stick,Kindle fire,Fire phone,Apple tv,iphone,ipad,Nvidia Shield,Roku tv,Google Chrome cast,Google Android,Microsoft Xbox,Nintendo Wii,Lg Smart tv,Samsung smart tv,Sony smart tv (as for smart tv not all is compatible but selected models only)

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Is Amazon Prime Video Needs High Speed Internet ? 

Amazon prime video streaming actually supports UHD or better known as 4K and HDR,better known as Dynamic range streaming for it's original content but as for other titles support 1080p High Definition or better known as HD with 5.1 Dolby digital,Dolby digital plus with Dolby atmos coming very soon.So customers can enjoy high definition with high quality audio but members must remember one thing,that is the internet speed of local place where you intended to use.

Is Amazon Prime Video Hd streaming available in every country? 

Yes,high definition and high quality dolby digital available in all country but the actual end result depends on your local internet quality,as i said earlier,if your local internet speed is below 2 mpbs then you cannot expect to watch a smooth streaming,then if your local internet is not stable,also you cannot watch high quality and stable stream,so don't blame Amazon prime for that!,only subscribe if your local internet stream is high speed and very important must be stable then you can enjoy flawless on demand streaming.

Can i subscribe for Amazon Prime Video 30 Days free trial then cancel after the 30 Day free trial? 

Yes can,the free trial offers by amazon prime videos is that,Amazon wants customer to see for them self how is the overall service of Amazon prime video streaming performance,is it lagging or you like the content or it's software is compatible with your device and so on,so the trial is not simply given to you just like that for free but it's the testing platform.After the trial period is over you can cancel the subscription without any question asked,because Amazon only want happy customers so they can provide on demand streaming service for long terms and wants loyal happy customer base,don't like just surrender,no question will asked,if you wish to continue after free trial the subscription starts at USD5.99 only!

These are some customer feedback info

100% customer support,very impressive service according to customer,why because according Hans Anderson Olsen,his problem was solved within 1 day.Another customer Noor A fifi ,prime videos IMDb ratings on all it's streaming is much appreciated because viewers can check who's the cast crew of each title.
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My humble personal opinion about Amazon Prime Video On Demand Streaming Services 

Actually Amazon prime videos is very good streaming service provider with array of thousand of movies,tv series,as for video on demand streaming,Amazon prime videos is the best choice but...but please use the free trial first so you can know exactly what Amazon prime video is offering in your country,as i said earlier,Prime video service is varies by country and geo location so make use of free trial so you knows exactly how Amazon Prime Videos Suits Your Needs Best,because everybody has different expectations and needs!

**I will receive small amount of commission for each visit by members to Amazon Prime Video through my link above,this small amount helps me keep on going.

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