How Activate Roku Streaming Tv Box For Free - Don't Pay Scammers For Roku Tv Box Activation

Have to pay for activation of Roku tv streaming box accounts? If yes,then you've been coned by scammers!

Yes Roku tv streaming account activation is free but if anyone asked to pay and install bunch of unnecessary apk or software,they're illegal master minds wanted to con you!

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Yesterday i just check the Amazon searching for good  Roku tv streaming box and came across Roku express box,it's small,cute and the price is below $30,then i thought it's worth to promote on this website,later i go and checked the testimonials,because i always do some research and the best way is to know what other buyers of the devices says

Few buyers claiming the Roku tv streaming box is quite good even though the HDMI cable was a bit short and need to place the box attached at back of the led/plasma television so the range of the cable is enough to fit the box and tv hdmi port.

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While reading one by one buyers testimonials on using Roku tv box,one buyer has mentioned she returned the box for refund,why because she claims that a customer service personal she called for activating her roku tv streaming box said she need to top up another $100 just for the activation a lone,what the heck!

The price they charged is whooping $100,just for activation alone not included for subscription on movies, tv shows,live tv streaming platform such as Hulu,Hbo,Disney Plus,Netflix,Sling tv and so on,by the way she bought the box only for $30 so it's not valuable for paying $100 just for activation alone right!

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Then they claimed all the Roku streaming tv boxes need to be activate in order to use and this is company standard sop (standard operating procedure),but she refuse to pay for the activation of the Roku streaming tv box then the customer service (assumed to be from Roku officials),has used vulgar words and scolded her because she's refusing to pay for the Roku streaming tv activation (which no need actually) then she return the Roku streaming tv to Amazon and get full refund - She actually search the net for activation process,that's the main reason she's got this kind of troubles

Her testimonial make to do some search,whether it's true Roku streaming tv box needed to be activated and needs to pay $100?

While searching the net,almost no suitable answer until i saw "cord cutters" article about same issue.

According to cordcutters news website,roku never charge single dime for roku streaming tv box activation or for customer service support.

Also according cordcutters news website,roku official supports service members will not ask for anything as stated below:

  • Roku streaming tv customer support will never ask for password as this is violation of roku terms and services
  • They will not persuade buyer/customers to buy any anti virus software or other security products
  • Will not ask to install unknown  malicious software
  • Will not ask access to your computer - this is nonsense!
  • Will not ask for personal details such as birth date or social security numbers
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If any of members of public has paid for these fraudulent companies or store act fast as below:

  • Call your credit card and reverse the charges so the scammers cant get any of your money.
  • Delete or uninstall any software that you have install from advice of scammers
  • Change your password on your roku streaming tv account,if possible change it to strongest,because scammers might try infiltrate you device
  • File a complain to Federal Trade Commission on respective countries

So, if these are scammers then how gonna register Roku streaming tv box account for Free?

You need to visit Roku official Free setting account page then key in the Roku Code as you see on Roku tv box when you trying setting the box,the Roku code is 5 letter/digits and look like this : "XD53G" , if you cannot locate these code,you might miss it somewhere earlier when following the instruction on the scree when started setting,just go back and redo and this time carefully check or look for the code.

  • In any circumstances don't search on the net for Roku activation web sites because mostly all are scammers,use the link given above to activate your roku streaming tv account for free!

Once you entered the Roku streaming tv box code for free activation,your roku streaming tv account will be enabled and you can continues watch all free channels live tv or movies tv shows or you can add more contents from live tv,tv shows movies providers such as hulu,hbo,disney,sling tv or any other internet tv live tv miptv movie tv shows service providers.

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Kindy share this post because so many out there will fall prey to scumbags,when can enjoy free roku streaming tv account activation why pay to scammers?

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