How To Install Apk Apps On Any Androids Devices Such As Tv Box,Android Phone,Android Tablet

When comes to how to download and installing apk or apps on any androids box,android mobile phones and android tablet,there are several ways can be done but as for beginners,this simple process can be huge task because don't know how to do it.

Downloading process for all devices are same or similar for any android devices,but the main and very important thing must do before start downloading or installing any apk or apps is, must "ENABLE UN KNOWN SOURCE",without setting this first,the android system will denying download or installation access.

Steps How Enable Unknown Source On Any Android Devices:

Enabling unknown source is simple,just go to 

  1. Setting device (not matter what android device it's same) 
  2. Then go to Storage  
  3. Then go to Security
  4. Look for Unknown Source
  5. Enable the Box (tick ok) 
  6. Then start downloading any apk or apps to your android devices.
So you see,the process for how setting allow unknown source is simple and same for any android device
how setting allow unknow source before downloading and install any apk to android tv box 

Where to find the Apk or Apps in the first place?

You can browse my page on this web or search google for any apk or apps,you can use search keywords such as "movie apk","live tv apk if wants live tv" or even can go to YouTube for extra free movies and live tv apk or apps,there are plenty of it,offered by many publishers.

Places where to look for Apk Or Apps:

How to download Apk or Apps to my Android Devices?

Once you search which apk or apps want to download to your android tv box,mobile phone, android tablet,just double click on that apk or apps,at this moment you will prompted with notice saying "this apk or apps will harm your device",don't worry this notice is for security purpose only when trying downloading 3rd party apk or apps to any androids,click ok or install.

In some devices will ask for where to download and save,just select default location that is "Download folder path",so any apk or apps that's downloaded will be save at this location,so after download success you can visit download page and look for the downloads

As for beginners this process will be hard at first but if you manage to do it a few times then it will be super simple!

Ok,now you have downloads,what to do now-How install to android tv box,mobile,tablet?

Now go to "download folder" and look for the apk or apps that you've downloaded and "double click on" that apk or apps,it will ask whether to install or cancel,"click Install and Continue",once the apk or apps is installed,click on "Open" to play the apk or apps,now you're done,so easy right? 

  1. Go to Download folder or the folder you download the Apk or Apps earlier on
  2. Double click on that Apk or Apps
  3. Will ask to install or cancel,click Install and Continue
  4. Once installation successful,click Open or go back to main menu - my files - look for installed Apk or Apps,double click to Open

The same process to any apk or apps you want to download and install to any android tv box,mobile,tablets,you may download and install any movie Apk,live tv Apk,game Apk but make sure the Apk or Apps you use is legal,if not you might end up in big trouble!

Some might want to install google play service or google play store on their android tv box or phone or tablet if don't have one.

So how to download and install google play to android tv box or any android devices?

Most of the latest android tv box have been pre installed with many movie apk,live tv apk or google play apk but if these apk is missing from your device then you should consider to download and install one because without these google play apk you will be missing a lot of latest secured entertainment apks.

How download google play apk is same as i mentioned on above steps,the way is same but once you downloaded google play,you should activate it in order to access.Steps are same from allowing unknown source then download and install but after install,click open the google play apk and follow these steps to activate google play store on your android device.Download google play store from here , or after installation complete,go to your device setting - account - choose google account and follow as below.

Main steps how download google play Apk on any android devices:
  • Allow unknow sources - same steps as shown at beginning of this post
  • Download the google play Apk
  • Go to device setting
  • Choose google account
  • Create new account or log in to existing account
If you having any trouble,recheck your other devices using same google account for play store and close it,if not the system might clash

how download and install google play store on android tv box,android mobile phones and android tablets-1

how download and install google play store on android tv box,android mobile phones and android tablets-2

how download and install google play store on android tv box,android mobile phones and android tablets-3

how download and install google play store on android tv box,android mobile phones and android tablets-4
how download and install google play store on android tv box,android mobile phones and android tablets-5

 Now you already have access to your google play service or store account,you can access and download any android apk and install on your android tv box,android mobile,android tablet.

It's advisable to use google play store because all the apk from android google play store are "Protected under Google Play Save"so most of apks are more save and reliable but if you want other apk downloading providers platform,you can download "Aptoide platform or Apk Pure download site" can google search for the link.

My advice use google play store first and if the apk not enough than you can go for 3rd party apk for your android tv box,mobile phone or android tablet.

So now you know how to download install any apk to android tv box,android mobile phone, android tablets.but if you want to know "How to download,install any apk or apps and use on pc,laptop windows,then you need my other tutorial form here"

You may wondering why i used the word APK and APPS so whats the different between Apk and Apps?

Apk and apps is same,the different is that,when you want to download the file that you're downloading is called Apk (movie apk,live tv apk,game apk so on) but once you've downloaded then install the apk the android system reads that Apk as apps,so before entering your android device it's called Apk but once installed it's called Apps,basically both is same!

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