Differences Between Iflix Vs Netflix Movies & Tv Shows Video On Demand Service Providers

Many already knows Netflix streaming movies and tv shows platform but not many knows about Iflix movie and tv shows platform

Both iflix movies and tv shows streaming and Netflix movies and tv shows streaming is not same, both are very different even though both are movies and tv shows streaming on demand service providers.
iflix online tv Vs netflix on demand service providers
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Actually Iflix movies and tv show platform And Netflix movies and tv shows platform are both very similar movies and tv shows streaming content providers worldwide,both has pros and cons but Iflix and Netflix are totally different movies and tv shows streaming service providers,they are not related even though looks very similar by the name and looks of the platform

Iflix actually started as movies and tv shows video streaming portal providing video on demand streaming for internet based devices such as mobile phones,android tv,smart tv,android tablet,ios and pc,laptop's via web browsing.

Iflix started it's base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,yes,iflix is not another American company.

Iflix movies and tv shows streaming started video streaming on 2014,that's 6 years ago and available in more than 13 countries such as:
  • Malaysia
  • Cambodia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Brunei
  • Pakistan
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh 
And in the middle east such as :
  • Kuwait
  • Sudan
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt 
Then African countries as of May 2020 and iflix intend to expand to other countries slowly but progressively.

Iflix has partners with leading telecommunication companies around the world for better value for it's customers,some of the big names were:
  •  Digi Telecommunication
  • Philippines Smart Communications and Long Distance Telephone Company
  • Telekom Malaysia
  • Telkom Indonesia
  • Dhiraguu Bangladesh
  • Zein middle east and Africa 
All these collaboration is to provide better customer value for consumers like you and me,that's why in many where Iflix is,customer can watch all for free (in some countries need pay),the collaboration with these giants telecommunication company is a win win partnership deal.  

 iflix free-internet tv streaming on demand service provider iflix free-internet tv streaming on demand service providers

Content of iflix streaming : More Asian Content!

Iflix movies and tv shows streaming more local content than Netflix,because almost 70% of streaming content is asian content from :

  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • SIngapore
  • Korea
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia 
  • Worldwide 
So if you download iflix you can see malay,thai,korea,english movies and tv series not all english contents because iflix is for asians who loves watching local contents (there is english movies and tv shows also)

The main menu/category movies and tv shows content on iflix are : 
  • 18+
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Tv Movies
  • Leklu
  • K-Flix
  • Crime
  • Romance
  • New On Iflix
  • Tempatan (local)
  • Iflix Originals
  • Tonton FromTv3
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Sports
  • Documentary
  • Snacks
  • Entertainment
  • International
  • Hollywood
  • Chinese
  • Anime
  • Bollywood

What devices compatible with iflix net streaming?

Iflix internet streaming compatible with most of devices available,even you can use pc,laptop to watch any content be it mobile phones,android tv,smart tv,android tablet,ios and pc,laptop's via web browsing.I'm not sure but i think apple tv and roku tv also can download iflix apk or app

How much iflix streaming cost?

Iflix streaming on demand content for the lowest and cheapest price compared to Netflix because you can enjoy wide varieties of asian most wanted movies and tv shows plus english list for below RM10 only that's equal to USD2.50 monthly with 2 devises shareable so you can enjoy at the same time for family members also can enjoy.

Not like Netflix movies and tv shows streaming,on Iflix you can watch free contents without having to register an account,yes you watch any content that's in free section for free but if you wish to download then you need to register to create an account,so even without an account still can watch on demand streaming.
free iflix movies and tv series show without account register
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Which one is more value for money,iflix Or Netflix movies and tv shows Streaming?

As compared both have pros and cons as i said in the beginning of this post but both iflix movies and tv shows streaming and netflix movies and tv shows streaming are good and value for money but it's depend what customer want to watch and from which countries!

Yes it's up to customers,because if you're asian movies and tv shows enthusiast then go for iflix because there are thousands of asian movies and tv shows with mix of Hollywood Bollywood content so it's more balance for an asian consumers.

In other hand if you're living in US,UK or Europe and only knows english,definitely wants more english programs right,so go for Netflix movies and tv shows streaming,even though more expensive but can share with more family and friends.Price wise iflix is more value for money and very low priced than netflix!

So where i can download Iflix movies and tv shows and Netflix movies and tv shows streaming?

You can direct visit iflix web  or netflix web for web streaming or for downloads their respective apk or apps or just visit the web and watch all movies and tv shows on any web browser.


Personally if me,i will go for Iflix because i'm an asian,i prefer more asian contents and i prefer watching free without register an account,but if you're Hollywood movie and Tv show geek than go for Netflix movies and tv shows streaming.

It's advisable go for free 30 days free trial before making any decision because both iflix streaming and netflix streaming offers 30 days free streaming,so why wait,go for free trial streaming.

I emphasize more about iflix on this page because i already post early about netflix,so can go there for information's.

Bottom line : 

Iflix is for Asians and Netflix for Hollywood geeks but both are for international world wide audience.

**If in any country you cannot access netflix or iflix because geo blocked then visit my page here for info how to watch legally geo blocked contents

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