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Astro Malaysia Offering Free Ultra Box For First 300 Customer Who're Eligible

Lately astro malaysia has been working very hard to overcome satellite problems mainly from their measat 3 satellite,it's came to understandings that astro malaysia's satellite measat 3 having some sort of glitch for the past two weeks  Yesterday there were big announcement from astro malaysia that from today onwards until two more weeks astro will give free all channels for all customers,yes everyone can now watch all selected channels from astro for another two weeks without any additional charges This free channels given as a compensation for he glitch happened to measat 3 satellite were some of the users living in high rise building cannot get the satellite signal from measat 3 and this is not some thing that users can tolerate,so astro giving this free channels to everyone Meanwhile astro has advised to it's customers as for those who couldn't get the satellite signals can use astro go for a while until this issue is solved Also in another news,astro mentioned that